MINGAWARA - At least 10 persons, including children, were killed and 25 others were critically injured on Tuesday when jet fighters targeted militants suspected hideouts in Pewchar area of Matta. The locals said that fighter planes heavily bombarded the suspected hideouts of militants in Gut of Pewchar, which left 10 persons, including 2 children dead and 25 others critically injured. However, the names of killed persons could not be ascertained so far. Meanwhile, around 20 houses, markets in the area were also damaged in the jets attack. Moreover, the militants have blown up a market, owned by former federal minister Muhammad Afzal Khan Lala, in Matta. Around six shops of the market were razed to the ground. Meanwhile, amidst continued clashes with the security forces and targeting the private and public properties, the Taliban militants from Swat have claimed responsibility for kidnapping of two Chinese engineers. Both the engineers associated with a mobile company were abducted two days back in Lower Dir District. "Both the Chinese engineers are in the captivity of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)," said Muslim Khan, a TTP spokesman. However, he said nothing about the health of both the hostages. In response to a question, Muslim Khan said, "Reasons for kidnapping the Chinese engineers could be made known later." But he, however, reminded that the government had launched operation against Jamia Hafsa under pressure from the Chinese government. He also recalled that at that time several Chinese were taken hostages in Islamabad. The TTP spokesman also urged the government to stop military action, in which, he said civilians were being killed. He said that they had taken such steps just to force the government to desist from killing the innocent people, particularly the children. Meanwhile, Taliban militants continued attacks against the security forces, government and private installations. The unknown Taliban militants shot dead Siraj Khan, a Head Constable of Traffic Police in Mingora. Indiscriminate firing with Kalashnikovs by unknown militants caused widespread panic and unrest amongst the common people throughout the city. Siraj Khan breathed his last on the spot, whereas traffic sergeants throughout the city and surrounding areas went on an undeclared strike. The Taliban militants shot dead a schoolteacher, Bakht Jehan in village Koza Bandai near Mingora city. The Taliban have yet to make public the charges against the schoolteacher. Getting benefit of night curfew, the Taliban militants at mid night exploded another market owned by the former Federal Minister and nationalist politician Mohammad Afzal Khan commonly known as Khan Lala in Matta town. Around six shops in the market were razed to the ground and the remaining were damaged. It may be mentioned here that it was the third attack against the former Federal Minister and nationalist politician Mohammad Afzal Khan in a period of one week. The Taliban militants slaughtered one brother whereas the second's nails were ejected on charges of spying for the security forces. Both brothers Hussain Ali and Nawabzada from Pewchar were apprehended by Taliban and later on produced before their self-established court. The Taliban court ordered slaughtering of Hussain Ali and removal of nails from both hands and feet of Nawabzada. The body and the tortured victim were later handed over to their relatives. On the other hand, the security forces apprehended a suspected Taliban commander in Khawazakhela town of Swat District. The arrested person namely Mohammad was shifted to Saidu Sharif for further investigation. Agencies add: The airstrike in Matta came despite an offer of truce during Ramazan announced by the government at the weekend. Fazlullah's spokesman, Muslim Khan claimed the latest airstrike killed only civilians and that none of the group's fighters were hurt. In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said: "We have requested that Pakistan rescue the two missing staff and ensure their safety. The Chinese government attaches great importance to this." Meanwhile, some unknown miscreants have blown up six shops of ANP leader Afzal Khan Lala here at Darshwela area, police said on Tuesday.