Mr. Z. Israr in his letter 'Legacy he left' (The Nation 22nd August 2008) has enlightened the readers about the good deeds of former President Gen. (retd) Musharraf but he did not do justice to him. I would like to further his mission by enumerating a few more deeds of the Father of True Democracy. Here goes it; 1. He broke the constitution twice while the other uniformed carpetbaggers did it only once. 2. He is the only head of the state in the world history who sent packing sixty judges of the superior courts with just a stroke of his pen as army chief. 3. He is the only 'symbol of federation' who openly supported a certain political party in pre-election rallies. 4. He is the first President of the Republic who proudly endorsed a massacre by political hooligans in the streets of Karachi (on May 12, 2008) as a show of his political strength. 5. He is the first President who brazenly admitted all these and more 'chivalrous' actions in his biography 'In the line of fire'. 6. He brought back "one of the two most corrupt leaders" (his own words) to the country through an ignominious deal (NRO) to perpetuate his unlawful rule. I have merely chipped in with a few of his great 'accomplishments'. But the list is unending. There is an old film song which goes like this; Kahan tak suno gay, kahan tak sunaun. -DR SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, via e-mail, August 22.