ISLAMABAD - Chairman National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Dr. Nasim Ashraf  has submitted his resignation to the President and Prime Minister. Earlier, the incumbent government had stopped NCHD funds and linked release of funds with the resignation of Chairman NCHD, Dr Nasim Ashraf. Senator Raza Rabbani was of the view that Chairman should be resigned immediately as charges of misconduct and corruption were also leveled against him besides he was one of the friends of Pervez Musharraf. Senator Saadia Abbasi while criticizing the Commision, said that under Dr Nasim Ashraf, NCHD did nothing except wasting the huge money of national exchequer. She demanded that stern action should be taken against Dr Nasim Ashraf. However, Dr Nasim Ashraf submitted his resignation to the President and Prime Minister. But, along with his resignation, he has rebutted all the charges leveled against him by the government officials. Responding all the objections, which were raised by the some government officials, Dr Nasim Ashraf said,  "The entire program of NCHD was monitored both internally and by international organizations with both field audit and financial audits carried out on a regular basis. All records are available and I remained available to answer any questions regarding the program performance and the accounts, Dr Nasim Ashraf claimed. While highlighting the achievements of the NCHD, he claimed that through ongoing operations of the Commission, nearly 8 million children were enrolled and 9000 community schools were opened in the remote areas where no schools were ever existed. Over 120,000 Adult Literacy Centers were established and nearly 4 million people made literate besides Primary Health Care delivered to over 10 million people". He further mentioned that the NCHD proudly won the UNESCO International Award for literacy in 2006, which was an honor to Pakistan.  "None of this would have happened without the total commitment and passionate support of the entire NCHD team whom I regard as my family as well as the Founding Directors of Pakistan Human Development Fund, of which I remained a proud member," he added. While advising the government, Dr. Nasim Ashraf stated that new Chairman should be appointed to this challenging position. The incumbent government must be involved with the International Development Partners, the Pakistani Diaspora and all citizens of Pakistan, as they were able to contribute towards education and health and grassroots community development in Pakistan. "Despite the financial constraints facing the government today, I am confident that the present government will find ways and means to continue this important initiative of NCHD as this government claims its commitment to reducing poverty and education and health for all", Dr Naseem Ashraf  hoped. After his resignation it is being hoped that Commission would remain intact with its 80,000 employees and new chairman would be appointed soon.