Nobody can gainsay the proposition that the Jewish lobby wields preponderant role in America's political calculus. Needless to say, it has the cheek enough to tip the scales in the favour of the candidate of its liking in the race for the most powerful job on the planet. If the track-record is anything to go by, it is safe to say that it can massage the election results to the extent of roping the presidential hopeful into doing its bidding and acquiescing in policies aligned to those of Israel. All this is not without any rhyme or reason. The Israeli lobby with its stranglehold over the US financial institutions, media, numerous think tanks and government agencies, not only dictates the US foreign policy but also determines who gets to rule America. True to form, Obama is also straining at the leash to garner the influential votes of this all-powerful lobby. With this end in view, he is going to the ends of the earth to tickle the fancy of this lobby. He has turned to the Jewish-Zionist society to reassure them that Israel's security is sacrosanct. Over and over again, in his foreign policy speeches Obama has talked about America's duty to ward off the Jewish state against its enemies. He has over-egged the pudding by heaping scorn on anti-Israel statements pronounced by Lovis Farrakhan, the anti-Israel Chairman of the Nation of Islam. As Israel dubs Iran's nuclear programme as the monstrous threat to it, so Obama has articulated that he does not believe that diplomacy above can deter Iran from going nuclear and that there could be a need for stick to bring Iran to heels. But on having mature reflection, the writer is of the viewpoint that despite bending over backwards to curry favour with the Jewish lobby and pander to its wishes, many Jews would not vote for Obama as they cast doubts on his intentions and policies towards Israel's security. The why and the wherefore for this is that Obama has fulminated against the war on Iraq and spelled out the strategy of withdrawing US troops from there and rolling out talks with Iran and Syria. Any person who has even the slightest grain of grey matter can make a deduction or thumb-suck that such views of sitting Iran and Syria across the table for negotiations are bound to engender fears and apprehensions among Israeli hawks and among their strident American cheerleaders and others as well as these engagement policies do not chime in with the nuts and bolts of Israel's foreign policy which is based on sabre-rattling. The diehard Jews had also reamed Obama out when he had asked the Israeli government to make hard concessions in pursuance of reviving the peace process. Being mindful of its over-arching role, Obama is trying his damnedest to dispel the fears making rounds among the Ferris wheels of the Jewish lobby about him. Of late while addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Obama has voiced support for key Israeli demands in peace talks with the Palestinians. Of course, this support will be purveyed to the Israelis at the expense of the Palestinians and their legitimate rights. He has assured Israelis and Jews that occupied Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel and "remain undivided". Obama failed to take note of the fact that Israel unilaterally had annexed East Jerusalem, a move which was castigated by the UN as illegal. He waxed so lyrical and fulsome in his support for Israel that he missed out the fact that occupied Jerusalem's status as part of Israel is not internationally recognised. To what extent Obama has gone well in ingratiating himself with the Jewish lobby and attenuating its apprehensions, is anybody's guess. It is true that his generous remarks might have won some friends in the US and Israel but the movers and shakers of the Israeli lobby are not lapping up all this, as they find Obama's display of affection for Israel latest and over-the-top also. Above all, his statements regarding Israel are categorised as qualified. So the decision regarding Obama's fate is in the lap of gods as the situation goes down to the wire. The writer is a civil servant E-mail: