LAHORE/ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani sounded optimistic about the future of coalition on Tuesday, as he assured the nation that PPP and the PML-N would not destabilise each other's governments in the best interest of democracy. "We have reached this point after covering a long arduous political journey which involved exiles, imprisonments and martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto. People have high expectations from us and we would not disappoint them", the PM said while addressing a crowded news conference at VVIP lounge of Allama Iqbal International Airport, after his arrival here from Islamabad. Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Qamar Zaman Kaira and senior PPP leaders were present on the occasion. The Prime Minister said that people had given mandate to the two parties to work together to resolve their problems, and they would make every possible effort to keep the coalition intact. To a question, Gilani said PPP would invite the PML-N to re-join the cabinet after restoration of the deposed judges. The PML-N, he said, had quit the cabinet in the its principled stance over restoration of judges, and in the eventuality of the resolution of the issue, the PPP would ask PML-N leadership to become part of the government once again. He said that PPP had a history of rendering sacrifices for the cause of independence of judiciary and other state institutions, and hence no body should have any doubt about its intentions. "I myself led a march in support of the deposed chief justice in Lahore. I did not do so for becoming prime minister as Mohtarma was alive at that time," he observed. When asked to inform the people about the current status of the alliance after PML-N's unilateral decision to quit the federal cabinet, the PM replied, "Politics is a day to day affair". To a question about re-opening of NAB cases against PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif, the PM just contented to say that NAB has no authority. Replying to a question about repeal of 58-2 (b), Gilani said that his government would do away with the controversial 17th amendment to create balance of power between the Presidency and the Parliament. "Neither we accepted this amendment in the past, nor do we tolerate it now," the PM maintained, adding that repeal of 58-2 (b) was enshrined in party's manifesto, and we were committed to implement it. When asked whether or not Mr Zardari would vacate party office after his election as country's president, Gilani said party's central executive committee would take a decision in this regard. He, however, said that president should be a neutral person as he was a symbol of federation. Earlier, Governor Salman Taseer, CM Shahbaz Sharif and senior PPP leaders including Qasim Zia, Azizur Rehman Chan, MNA Samina Khalid Ghurki, Punjab Senior Minister Raja Riaz, Munir Ahmad Khan and Zekria Butt received the PM at the airport. According to a PPP source, when Shahbaz Sharif sought leave from the PM after receiving him, Gilani did not let him go and asked the CM to come along with him to the VVIP lounge where he was to address a news conference. "We will have some good talk", Gilani asked Shahbaz who agreed to accompany him. Later, when Shahbaz sat behind on a sofa, Gilani again insisted that CM should stand beside him during the news briefing. Shahbaz, however, did not take any question from journalists. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has said that the PPP is committed to make national institutions supreme for which it has rendered more sacrifices than any other political party. In his maiden speech at the Upper House Tuesday, the PM said that the PPP government would live up to its promise and restore all deposed judges, including Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, to its pre-November 3 position. Gilani said that the deteriorating law and order situation and political instability were serious hurdles in the way of prosperity. He said no single party could steer the country out of the existing crises, therefore, the PPP formed coalitions with other parties at Centre as well as in the provinces. Regarding the military operation in FATA and Swat, he said that militants had challenged the writ of the government through destroying schools and threatening barbers and CDs sellers. He said that the extremist elements were imposing their own brand of Islam in the area, which could not be allowed. He said that he had asked the Chief of Army Staff to give in-camera briefing to the House over the security situation in FATA, Swat and Balochistan and take the House into confidence over the military operations being carried out in the restive parts of the country. Prime Minister also said Taliban were his brothers and urged them to lay down weapons and cooperate with the government for the development of the country. He stated in categorical terms that Pakistan was not bound to accept the US dictations, but was fighting against extremism for its own interests. "We are only bound to the dictations of our own people," he said. Gilani regretted kidnapping of the Chinese engineers and said that bomb blasts and security threats to foreign workers were the basic reasons behind the flight of capital from the country. He also wondered as to who could commit such an act against the citizens of our time-tested friend, China. He also mentioned the steps taken for the development of Balochistan and said that the province was given Rs 3 billion for budget while another Rs 3 billion were provided to it as the gas royalty. He said he had ordered provision of electricity in all Basic Health Units of the province. Gilani further told the Upper House that 6,700 positions were laying vacant under the provincial quota for Balochistan. He said he had appointed Secretary Establishment from Balochistan to ensure that people of the province might get their share in the federal jobs. He said he had directed his secretary to advertise those jobs in local newspapers and hold tests and interviews in Quetta so that the people might get an easy access to the process. Regarding the security situation in Parachinar, Prime Minister said that there was no sectarian conflict but foreign elements were responsible for deteriorating peace in the area. He said he had given his helicopter for dropping medicines in Parachinar. He said that the government had made many achievements on the economic fronts and Foreign Direct Investment during July-August period of the current year had increased and remittances had been recorded at a high level while revenue collection increased by 25 per cent for the same period. The Prime Minister appreciated Qazi Hussain's statement that he would support Asif Zardari. Earlier, Senators welcomed the Prime Minister in the Senate. They spoke at length on the law and order situation in the country, economic downturn trend, high inflation and operations in Balochistan and tribal areas. Taking advantage of the presence of the Prime Minister, members of the Upper House apprised him of the problems being faced by the people in their respective areas.