LAHORE - PML-N Punjab president and senior advisor to CM Punjab, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa has said that nobody from his party has asked the PPP to leave the Punjab government   "Neither we want this, nor anybody made such a statement. Ahsan Iqbal has not been quoted properly in this respect. PML-N is looking for constructive instead of confrontational politics", Khosa said in an exclusive interview with The Nation here on Tuesday. To a question whether if PML-N could rejoin the coalition again if offered, a thoughtful Khosa did not rule out this option. "We can return to coalition provided the promises made with us are honoured".   On a query if Nawaz weakened democracy in the country by pulling out of the PPP led coalition, he said, "We wanted to stay in the government to prolong and strengthen political institutions. We gave our partners chances one after other following their failure to fulfill the promises before puling out of the federal government. We had to quit when political accords and promises were not kept besides our party and leadership were taken for granted. We were left with no choice but to leave the government. It was a matter of our credibility", he said. He said PML-N would not succumb to any pressure and would remain committed to its principled position of judges issue. He was of the opinion that democracy could never be flourished in the absence of an independent judiciary as demanded by his party. Taking a pretty dim view of allowing political activities in the Governor House, he said the incumbent had been following the footsteps of Musharraf. He asked PPP to do away with such elements which wanted to damage the partnership between the two parties. When asked about Asif Zardari as a presidential candidature, seeking his opinion, he said that the best choice for the office of president would have been a non-controversial figure accepted by all the provinces. Justice (r) Syed Uzaman Saddique, PML-N presidential candidate, meets all requirements which suit to a presidential candidate, he believed. Over the question as to when people would see a visible change in Atta crisis, loadshedding price-hike, lawlessness and corruption, he said that the process had been started to bring about change and cleanse the mess. However, he assured that good days were about to come as concrete efforts were afoot. This is evident from rapid rescue work in the flood-hit areas of Rajan Pur, DG Khan and Mianwali. You may ask anybody in these areas and he will tell you the services being offered to the people", Khosa said. He held previous government responsible for the flour crisis. "Where is the wheat imported by the former government to end the Atta crisis? Where is the bumper wheat crop which the government was claiming? The reality is that crop production remained lower than 20 to 25 per cent, he said. He claimed the Punjab government had achieved the wheat procurement target besides assign Balochistan and NWFP with its stocks. We have already provided 1 million tone of wheat to Balochistan, he added. He said the Punjab government headed by CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was ensuring the good governance to bring real change in the lives of people. "System is being streamlined. Those officers found unable to deliver are being replaced with more efficient ones. We are making appointments on merit. Even in my district, DCO and DPO are appointed without my recommendation on the basis of merit." Political appointments have been stopped. Merit is being promoted in each and every sector," he said.