DUBAI (PPI) -Nawaz Sharif has said that he will contest the by-polls for National Assembly and will be in the Parliament soon. In an interview with Gulf News in Islamabad on Tuesday, he refuted the reports that he did not want to be a Member of Parliament. "I am going to contest election and will be in the Parliament soon". On the question that whether he regretted quitting ruling coalition, he said, "Not at all but I am disappointed, dismayed, rather let down by broken promises of PPP Co-Chairman Zardari. It is very unfortunate that commitments are not honoured at this level". On the chances of rejoining coalition Sharif replied in negative adding that, "Things are now beyond that point. PPP is trying to divide judiciary at the cost of national interests as, instead of reinstating judges, they are picking out a few and forcing them to take fresh oath which is wrong. This policy of politicising and dividing judiciary will damage the institution of judiciary. I don't want that. I want independent judiciary in this country because we cannot make progress without that. I certainly feel we should adopt positive path and seriously look forward to strengthening democracy, address socio-economic, political, constitutional issues facing the country. At time of joining coalition government, we had set out agenda to overcome crises. Had Mr Zardari adhered to his commitments, we would have changed situation by now. When asked about another general election he said: "Frankly speaking, I want to strengthen democracy rather than look for early elections. But, if it happens, it will be because of current government's way of governance. Their policy of ditching their sincere friends and not accepting supremacy of independent judiciary and the Parliament is certainly not going to help them. PPP does not have even a simple majority in the Parliament to sustain the government if its other allies decide to quit coalition". Replying the question regarding his approval of military interference again, he said, "No, I will never want Army to interfere in political matters. My only agenda is to have a democratic Pakistan as we have already suffered a lot at the hands of military dictators. I am not in favour of anything that would destabilise whatever form of democracy we have. My agenda is to restore full democracy with respect to the Constitution, rule of law and sanctity of judges, which somehow remains an unfinished agenda". Responding the question regarding his reaction if PPP tries to overthrow PML-N government in Punjab, he said, "We have right to defend our government in Punjab and will defend it in a democratic way if there is any such attempt. I must say that any such attempt on behalf of PPP government will further destabilise democratic system and give rise to turmoil, which will not be good for the country and democratic process. He said PML-N was determined to fight in the Presidential polls. On Presidential elections, Sharif said he would not withdraw his party's presidential candidate Justice (r) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqi. "Let us wait for polling day on September 6 as it is premature to say who will win," he said in an optimistic tone when asked if he sees PPP candidate Zardari as next president. On the question that whether Zardari would abolish 17th Amendment, Sharif said, "This is another suspicion, which is arising in our minds right now. Ideally, he should not retain any such powers and prime minister should be real chief executive officer. But you can expect anything from Zardari after he broke his earlier promises. On issue of taking action against former President Pervez Musharraf, who overthrew his government in 1999 in a bloodless coup, Sharif said: "I hold no personal vendetta against him. I am not keen on settling scores with him. But all actions he took must be reversed and he should be held accountable for his wrong doings. I also don't care whether he lives in the country or abroad". On the question about military operation against militants in tribal areas he replied, "I believe that government should form its own policy to tackle this issue, instead of blindly following US policies. This issue should immediately be discussed in the Parliament to avoid any further complications. The Parliament should form a policy as such issues could not be resolved through coercion. We understand concerns of foreign countries but a shift in policy is necessary for Pakistan because our country is also a victim of terrorism. We must talk to all stakeholders".