LAHORE - A Constitutional petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court to question the proposed increase in the power tariff for the electricity consumers all over the country. The petitioner Pakistan Jurists for Human Rights has questioned the proposed increase in the power tariff by 31 per cent contending that economy of a family upsets if its budget exceeds 20 per cent of the total income and this phenomena tells in turn, at the national economic level. The petitioner through Malik Tariq Aziz advocate contends, right to life has been guaranteed as fundamental in the Constitution and the recent increase in the power rates has to badly affect that right for the reason, a vast majority of the people in the country are very poor hardly making the both ends on account of hike in the prices of items of daily use. The petitioner says in the face of such hardships to the life of the poor, which is sure to be aggravated by the increase power tariff, there is a class of serving and retired Wapda employees who are being provided electricity free of cost which otherwise could have earned billions of rupees to the national kitty. It says not only that but the annual spending in terms of salaries, allowances and perks etc on 1070 legislators is Rs15 billion when they have to hold session for a limited number of days. The petitioner says this amount is a burden on the national economy given the performance of the legislators and this view of the matter, extra financial burden through raise in electricity price, is unjustified and unreasonable. The petitioner contends, if the government is facing crunch of money, it can generate Rs100 billion by levying wealth tax on the rich which was waived of by the Shaukat Aziz government. The petitioner has prayed to the court for a direction to the government not to impose the extra financial burden on the poor by increasing the power rates and withdrawing the same as unlawful, unjustified, unreasonable and contrary to the public interest.