St Paul, Minnesota (AFP) - The Republican convention was to get back on track Tuesday with an address by President George W Bush after being blown off course by Hurricane Gustav. A decision to resume normal programming was made early Tuesday morning, after consultation with federal officials monitoring the aftermath of Gustav's destructive path on the Gulf Coast, Republican officials told reporters. Bush, who had been due to appear Monday at the start of the four-day convention, would now address the party faithful on Tuesday by video link, John McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis said. Other primetime speakers will be former senator and Hollywood actor Fred Thompson and former Democratic senator Joseph Lieberman who broke with his party over Iraq and is a staunch supporter of McCain's hawkish foreign policy. Republican leaders said they would go ahead with an attempt to frame what they see as McCain's heroic biography, partly stemming from his service as a former Vietnam prisoner of war. But Republicans were also struggling to deal with the fierce scrutiny of McCain's controversial vice presidential pick Sarah Palin after it emerged Monday that her 17-year-old, unmarried daughter is pregnant.