ISLAMABAD - The impeachment decision by the ruling coalition, followed by presidential race, has proved Pakistan Muslim League-Q as a party that lacks the authority and control of any central command. The authority of Chaudhry brothers in PML-Q had come under question mark immediately after February 18 elections and the following days brought the party's internal rifts and conflicts to the surface. Even before the departure of General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, the creator and mentor of PML-Q, the party started drifting away and a large number of party MPs announced to support impeachment motion against the decision of Chaudhrys who were firm in defending the beleaguered president. Now with the brightening prospects of PPP's presidential candidate's victory in the presidential race, Q-League MPs are again flexing their muscles in a bid to secure their future political interests or to escape the wrath of incumbent political dispensation. Though PML-Q has fielded its Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed as a candidate for the office of the President of Pakistan, mass defection in the party has become a laughing stock for the onlookers. Even Mushahid himself has little hope about his victory but is contesting just to give the embattled party an identity. PML-Q parliamentarians who were feeling themselves stuck in a blind alley after enjoying total power since 2002 took impeachment move and presidential election as an unforeseen boon and started making new promises as per their convenience. In presidential election, both the PPP and the PML-N are luring the PML-Q MPs, and on the other side, the beleaguered 'Q' lawmakers after weighing the offers of both sides have finalised their future course of lines. Some of them have opted to be the part of the PPP, while others prefer PML-N, but no one cares about one's own party, its leaders and even about its presidential candidate. A large number of PML-Q MNAs including Riaz Fatiana, Kashmala Tariq, Dewan Ashiq Hussain Bukhari, Aslam Bodla, Saddique Khan Baloch, Sardar Bahadur Khan Sihar, Nasrullah Khan Bijrani and Sardar Israr Khan Tareen and others had already assured PPP of their support in presidential election, but the announcement of supporting Asif Ali Zardari by eight party lawmakers from the Upper House on Monday last was not less than a final blow to the falling wall. At present, when the PPP is almost certain about the victory of its candidate cum Co-Chairman in the presidential poll, it intends to focus its attention towards Punjab, thus bringing another chance for PML-Q provincial lawmakers to make their ways towards power. The PML-Q like-minded group in Punjab Assembly that had formerly vowed to support PML-N through thick and thin has now found another way to reach the power corridors. PML-Q forward bloc in Punjab is experiencing further rifts, as a number of MPAs now intend to extend their cooperation towards Salman Taseer, the architect of PPP's Punjab plan and Governor of the province. Political analysts say that PML-Q MPs both at Centre and the provinces are like warehouse stuff for major political players (PPP and PML-N) to advance their political agenda and achieve goals. A PML-Q parliamentarian talking to TheNation said that his party couldn't get any advantage from the ongoing presidential race due to the absence of unity and stubborn approach of party's central command. "PML-Q could form an alliance with PPP or PML-N but it was the lack of integration within the Q-League that allowed the N-League and the PPP to strike deals with 'Q' lawmakers at individual level while bypassing the party as a whole," he observed.