PESHAWAR - In the wake of growing violence in NWFP and other parts of the country 160 innocent persons were killed while more than 200 were injured in the month of August last. Since intensifying the operation in Swat and Bajaur Agency, sudden increase was recorded in suicide attacks and remote controlled blasts. The major incidents, which occurred in various parts of the country include Swat, DI Khan, Peshawar, Islamabad, Wah Cantt, Texila and Lahore. The first tragic incident was a remote controlled blast, which hit the vehicle of security forces killing five personnel of the security forces and injuring four others in Tehsil Kabal area of Swat District. The second incident occurred on 12th August when a powerful remote controlled bomb blew up a Shahzore vehicle of PAF when it was heading for the PAF Camp Peshawar. This terrible bomb blast caused killing of 13 persons including eight personnels of PAF and injuring 18  other innocent people. After the attack of Aug 12 another suicide bomber blew himself up in Allama Iqbal Town Moon Market Lahore between the night of 13 and 14 of Aug, in which 8 persons including one policeman were killed and 25 injured seriously. Another dreadful incident, which took place in the month of August, was the suicide bomb blast in the jurisdiction of District Hospital Dera Ismail Khan on 19th of August. It resulted in the killing of 32 persons and injuries to 27 others. Majority of the killed were patients and others who had come to the hospital to see the patients admitted there. The most destructive attack, which shocked the entire country, was the one, when two suicide bombers struck themselves on the main entrance gate of Wah Ordnance Factory on Aug 21. As result of the attack 87 persons mostly workers were killed while 109 persons sustained serious injuries. After this attack another suicide bomber rammed his explosive laden double cabin vehicle with the office of the security forces in front of Kohat Tunnel. This attack killed five persons and injured 39 others. Another suicide attack on Police post in Charbagh area caused the killing of seven persons, including three personnel of police. For all these attacks defunct organization of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility and also vowed that they would continue these attacks until the halting of operation in tribal areas. As a result of these devastating attacks almost 150 families were deprived of their beloved ones and bread earners, while scores of others lost their vital physical organs. It is the need of the hour that the Government halts these operations in tribal areas and adopts the way of dialogue and negotiation.