KARACHI (Reuters) - The Asian Development Bank and Pakistan signed an agreement on Wednesday to invest $230 million in improving national highways to promote trade, economic and industrial growth, the ADB said in a statement. Pakistan has signed scores of agreements with foreign and international lenders since November when a balance of payments crisis almost bankrupted the country. The govt agreed in November to an IMF emergency loan package of $7.6b to avert the crisis and shore up reserves, and in July the fund increased the loan to $11.3b. In a statement, the ADB said the latest investment would create an environment for safer, faster, cost effective inter-regional transport that would enhance economic activity and opportunities for people in smaller cities and remote parts of the country. In July, the ADB provided Pakistan with $40m in loans to support improvements in social services in Punjab. Govt also received $500m from the ADB on June 30, out of which $150m was allocated for the Benazir Income Support Programme, a cash transfer programme focusing on poor women and named after assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The remaining $350 million had been allocated to help the government remove subsidies and to implement market-based prices for wheat and electricity.