ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Textile on Wednesday issued three notifications in connection with textile policy. One of the notifications, issued by the Ministry, is 'Export Finance Mark-up Rate Facility Order 2009. According to the notification, Federal government shall provide mark-up rate support of 2.5 per cent to the exporters of textiles on outstanding balances of principal amount of the loans availed by the industry from commercial banks for the export of eligible commodities under the State Bank of Pakistans Export Finance Scheme (EFS). The facility shall be administered by the commercial banks or DFIs while it shall be paid by the commercial banks on six-month basis in March and September each year, subject to the release of necessary budgetary allocation by the federal government, for relevant fiscal year. The notification further stated the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) shall reimburse the amount of mark-up rate support to commercial banks by debit to the appropriate federal government account to be intimated by the Finance Division. It may be mention here that government announced the first ever five-year textile policy on August 12. The other notification, Mark-up Rate for Textile Sector Order 2009, would be effective from September 1, 2009. According to that notification, the federal government shall provide mark-up rate support on all outstanding running balances of the principal amount of floating rate long terms loans availed by the textiles industry from commercial banks and DFIs, disbursed up to August 31, 2009, for financing import/purchase of the textile machinery for which funds under State Banks Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) have not been availed. The support will be admissible to the extent of five per cent or the difference in mark-up rate between floating rate loan and LTFF rate, whichever is lower. In another notification, the government withdrew three per cent duty on garments, two per cent on home textiles and one per cent on fabrics.