IT may be time for Madonna to take a much needed break from her world tour. The 51-year-old pop star lost consciousness due to exhaustion on Saturday and collapsed while on stage at the Vasil Levski Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria. Madge passed out while performing 'Holiday and had to be carried backstage by her dancers until she regained consciousness. She passed out a second time and collapsed into a heap on the floor as she left the stage after singing 'Spanish Lesson. A source told the UK Sun newspaper: Madge was really worried backstage. She had to sit down for a longer break than usual between songs. She refused to end the show or take a break after the 'Holiday dizzy spell. It turns out shes suffering from exhaustion. Of course exhaustion isnt enough to keep Madge down. She went on to play at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel, last night. The source added: She was advised to postpone the last two shows in Israel for a few days, but logistics and stubbornness stopped her. Shell do them then take some rest. This woman is non-stop. She really needs to take a break and get some much-needed R&R before something horrible happens to her. Luckily tonights concert at the Israeli venue will be her final concert of the tour. Get well soon Madge - HS