INDIAN Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor said on Wednesday that increase in Pakistans atomic weapons stockpile, if true, was a cause for concern for India, reported Indianexpress. There is a degree of deterrence for ones protection, but this is beyond that. They are going well beyond what can be called 'deterrence, said Kapoor, while addressing media persons on the sidelines his visit to Punes Artificial Limb Centre and the Armed Forces Medical College. If these reports are true then, it is definitely a matter of concern for us, he said. On Tuesday, reports quoted an American scientist saying that Pakistan has amassed a stockpile of 70-90 nuclear warheads, up from its previous known figure of 60. On Chinese incursions along the Indian border, Kapoor said it was a difference of perception on both sides about the actual line of control and not a cause for alarm. The solution lies in resolving the border issue, he said. It is perceived by us as incursion. We also patrol up to what we think is the border, which might be perceived differently on their side, he said. Kapoor, however, did not comment on the Chinese denial that it had not violated the line of control. Kapoor also said that the numbers of these 'incursions had remained more or less the same as compared to the same period last year, 20 in June, 21 in July and 24 in August. It is not a cause for alarm. We have regular border meetings, where such questions are raised, Kapoor said.