LAHORE - The PIA has hired another batch of 100 employees, on contract basis, with verbal order from Islamabad and the local management was at a loss as what to do with them, since there were no written orders to take care of a batch of 23 hired for Lahore, sources in the airline revealed on Wednesday. They said that recruitment has been made in various sections like traffic, sales, ticketing, administration Islamabad on monthly pay of Rs12,000 each through a contractor, namely United HR Services. A senior officer said that if these recruits would be paid Rs12,000, the contractor would also has be to paid at least Rs5,000 per head for his services as he was paying Rs6,000 to the employees already hired while drawing more from the airline. It is to be noted that over a thousand employees whose services were terminated on various disciplinary grounds or for irregularities in recruitment most of them have been reinstated with back dated seniority and salary. One such employee happens to be Syed Kashif Raza P-61075, whose services were terminated, when he was serving as a Flight Steward. While on a flight to Dubai, Mr Kashifs services were terminated on disciplinary grounds. He happens to be the close relative of PIA MD. Mr Kashif has now been selected for Permanent posting to Frankfurt, Germany as Field Service Officer. PIA had discontinued posting Field Service Officers (FSO) almost over five years ago, when it decided to outsource its Flight Kitchen at Karachi. It is noteworthy that duty of an FSO is to look after the flight kitchen services at foreign stations of the airline. This vacancy has been created to accommodate Mr Kashif and his papers have been sent to Islamabad for IB Clearance by Security Manager in a letter dated 24 July Ref SEC-SM (O&T)/25/IS/F.SVCS/239. The story does no end here but management has also recruited 200 Trainee Officers as regular employees in Group 6, after the airline had regularised over 6,000 employees hired on daily wages during the Musharraf regime. These Trainee officers will be paid a salary of Rs 45,000 per month. PIA has been in the past hiring Trainee officers in Group 5, who after completion of training, followed by probation and subject to performance were promoted in Group 6 after a period of almost 2 years. This is the largest batch of Trainee officers hired by PIA since its inception and the airlines Ground Training School is capable of handling of a batch consists not more than of 50 people. A senior PIA executive based in Karachi, speaking on condition of anonymity, remarked that while the airlines losses are escalating sky-high and revenues nose diving, there seems to be an insane rush to stuff it with more employees irrespective of requirement. Spokesperson for the airline, Syed Sultan was not available to comment on the issue as his cell was remained unattended despite repeated contacts. However Deputy General Manager Human Resource Punjab, Salimul Haq, on contact, said that these people have contacted us but we issued no appointment letter to them as they were not employees of the airline but employees of contractor.