LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that he is totally against politics of confrontation, as the country cannot afford any fresh bout of instability at this stage. 'Why people are impatient when it comes to a democratic govt, not ready to tolerate it for more than three months while giving dictators like Musharraf eight years, Nawaz charged. He was speaking to senior journalists and Editors at an Iftar dinner hosted by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at his Secretariat here on Wednesday. Nawaz for the first time commented on minus-one formula doing rounds in the political circles these days. 'I do not know about any minus-one formula. Nor I believe in any such formula. These minus and plus formulas are often sponsored by the Establishment to undermine the democratic forces, he added. 'We cannot be party to any such ploy, Nawaz commented in his brief reply to a query on this occasion. Nawaz said that he never supported any move in the past to destabilise a democratic govt nor he would be part of any such conspiracy in future. To repeated queries if he has plans to take on the PPP govt at any time in future, he said he was ready to be called a friendly Opposition but not ready to derail the present democratic process for the good of the country. He said that nobody had right remove the govt voted to power by the people through undemocratic means. Nawaz maintained that the existing problems will not end with the change of the government. Nawaz said the country is passing through a crisis situation. He said the crises wouldnt end with change of the government. He said that despite being disqualified in the past and despite imposition of Governors rule in the Punjab, he never entertained any idea to conspire against the present govt. He said this was enough to make his partys intentions loud and clear. Nawaz said that he was willing to cooperate with the PPP govt at all levels provided the latter follow law and Constitution, probably his reference to Musharrafs trial for breaking and violating Constitution and provided it ensured good governance for the people besieged by so many problems. Former Prime Minister made it clear that he had nothing against Musharraf personally. 'I am not doing all this to see myself coming to power.I just want to see my country progressing and prospering. For this to happen it is imperative that a person who violated the Cnstitution, sent democratic govt home packing, imprisoned judges, messed up with economy should be held accountable for all his misdeeds. He said such an action from political forces and Parliament was important to check any further military intervention. He said that he could not understand why Parliament was so helpless when it comes to Musharrafs trial. Instead of holding a person accountable for playing havoc with the country we are being told what is doable and what is not, he added. He said that Pakistans problems could be resolved. We have enough resources to reverse the prevailing state of affairs. He said for this to happen we should govern the country according to law and Constitution. It is also important for the political leadership to focus on the problems faced by the country with single-mindedness without any insecurity, he added. To a question, if he could sign a new Charter of Democracy with President Zardari, he said 'after the death of Benazir Bhutto now it is up to Zardari to pursue and implement CoD. I have nothing against Zardari. We met in the past and dined together As I am ready to meet him in future too. But any such meeting should be purposeful and for the sake of implementing CoD. On a query if he is going to Saudi Arabia as being reported in the Press and whether he got any message from the Saudi government, he said 'let us not drag Saudi Arabia into our domestic politics. Saudi Arabia is our great friend. However, he did not rule out visiting the Kingdom saying,I have plans to travel abroad with my family. He said, however, he would not succumb to any pressure internal or external on Musharraf count. It is our key plank, he added. He said that there was no need to bring a resolution against Musharraf to facilitate his trial under Constitution. Any such resolution was possible had the govt assured its backing. Without the govts support the resolution would have been defeated, giving the impression as if the Parliament was against his trial, he added. Nawaz said Pakistan was ahead of India in defence technology and economic reforms during his tenure as prime minister. Our nuclear deterrence was much better than that of India at that time, he added. Late Indian Premier Narasimha Rao wanted to emulate economic policies of the erstwhile PML-N government because of their vibrant nature, he stated. During my tenure as Premier in 1990s, India was way behind Pakistan on economic front. So much so that then Indian Premier Narasimha Rao asked me if he could send a team of economic experts to understand mechanism that put Pakistan on the road to progress, he added. Online adds: PML-Nawaz has decided to withdraw its 48 hours deadline set for Pakistan Peoples Party to end alleged smear campaign against PML-N leaders. PML-N Spokesperson Sadiq-ul-Farooq while elaborating reasons behind withdrawal of deadline said that the decision has been taken after positive statements by the President and the Prime Minster. He said President Asif Ali Zardari while addressing in the President House expressed his desire to keep working relations with PML-N and do not want any tension while the Prime Minister also called Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif from abroad and thus under such circumstance, there was no need of any deadline. Farooq said that whosoever was involved in the character assassination of PML-N leaders whether started with or without knowledge of the president and the prime minister, the PPP clearly denied the presence of any cell at the President House or involvement in vilifying campaign against PML-N. The PML-N Spokesperson said that PML-N Quaid does not want to bring back the decades of 80s and 90s and clearly stated that if someone tried to remove the current democratic set-up, then PML-N would not support any such move but would resist such attempt. He said that it was good omen that leaders of both the parties solved the issue wisely. Meanwhile, PML-N Secretary General Iqbal Zafar Jhagara urged the media not to highlight small issues, saying that PML-N wants to strengthen the current democratic system. He said that the issue of ultimatum was projected wrongly by the media. It may be recalled that the PML-N had given an ultimatum to the PPP on Monday, warning it to halt a malicious campaign against Nawaz Sharif within 48 hours or be prepared for a forceful response.