JEDDAH (Online) - Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that he held talks with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz for the sake of the country and not for seeking any personal favours. Former President and Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz held an important meeting in Jeddah and discussed host of issues. According to sources, issues pertaining to problems faced by Muslim Ummah, Pak-Saudi relations, democracy in Pakistan, war on terror and Pakistan economic and political situation were discussed. The one-on-one meeting between Pervez Musharraf and the Saudi King lasted for more than one hour. Pervez Musharraf while terming his meeting with Saudi King productive said his talks with the Sauid King focused on improving situation in Pakistan and he talked for the interest of the country and not for himself. The former President said that he would inform the nation about Pakistan fragile economic situation after his arrival to London. Talking about his tenure as president of the country, Musharraf said the situation in his tenure was better as compared to the current situation and the prestige of the country was high. He urged King Abdullah to play his role to steer Pakistan out of current situation. The former President however refused to talk on issues related to his return to the country. King Abdullah during the meeting said that Saudi Arabia values its long-term relations with Pakistan. Earlier, the former President when reached Jeddah Royal Palace, he was given warm welcome. Meanwhile, Counsel for Pervez Musharraf, Barrister Saif while talking to a private TV channel, said that Pervez Musharraf neither got any assurance from King Abdullah regarding his trial nor the Saudi King talked about the issue. He said Pervez Musharraf has a busy schedule in the United States and had to deliver lecturers for two months and he would take decision about his return to the country after November. Asked about treason case registered against the former President, Barrister Saif said that some people want to survive on media. However, issues should be dealt according to law. The former president also addressed the Pakistani community in Jeddah in which he urged the overseas Pakistanis to send their money to Pakistan so that economic situation of the country could improve.