IT is a poor reflection on the American strategy that it has failed to equip Pakistan Army with the right type of weapons essential to take on militants in terrains like Swat and Waziristan. Though the US could have greatly helped in the War on Terror, had they ensured that it was equipped with Cobra and Apache helicopters, but somehow they are reluctant to provide them. Indeed, Pakistan does have a few choppers but they are insufficient for counter insurgency operations that stretch all the way from Malakand Division to terrains like Waziristan. And secondly, the US it looks has deliberately been delaying the supply of their spare parts which has in turn affected the Army's capacity to fight terrorism. Most important of all, the US has been turning a deaf ear to the demands by the government and the military to provide it with drones and other weapons, that not only ensure precision strikes on the militant hideouts, but also limit collateral damage. For one thing, the damage to the civilian life in Swat could have been avoided to a great extent, had the Army been equipped with state-of-the-art weapons used by the US forces just on the other side of the border. As things stand, the Pakistan Army busy in a military operation to root out terror from its soil ought to be backed by the US in terms of provision of modern weapons, particularly Cobra and Apache helicopters.