Almost thirty people were killed and more than 250 injured in two suicide blasts at the mourning procession in Lahore held in connection with death anniversary of Hazrat Ali (R.A). It is truly heart-wrenching to see that religious extremists have the temerity to wreak havoc even when one-fifth of the countrys total population is affected by floods. The Concerned Citizens Society of Pakistan (CCP) strongly condemns the horrific incidents and demands efforts by the entire civil society for preaching the value of peace. This incident has once again highlighted the importance of reforms in educational curriculum so that the text books are purged of hatred against differing faiths and sects. It has become all the more necessary now to reform the religious seminaries where students are taught to kill people professing faith other than their own. Despite some serious efforts during recent years, the provocative and vituperative sermons are readily available in the form of CDs. The government authorities must re-prioritize their agenda and ensure security of life and property of the citizens. The CCP urges law-enforcement personnel to provide fool-proof security arrangements at public places. -NAUMAN ASGHAR, Lahore, September 2.