According to new reports, a delegation of senior Pakistani military officials visiting United States for a defense conference hosted by CENTCOM (ostensibly to receive further instructions on how to 'do more) were off-loaded from their plane on August 30 due to a passengers complaint that he did not feel safe in the flight with them. Since 911, humiliations of this sort have become a norm for Pakistanis and Muslims, even if they are officially representing their state. Pakistani military, unfortunately, still does not realize that it has become the cannon fodder for Americas dirty war on terror. In fact, it is Pakistanis who in general do not feel safe being on the same flight with Americans. The feeling has heightened especially since President Obamas announcement of an AFPAK strategy for this region. It might be just a coincidence but the number of suicide bombings have increased since. This is what has persuaded the Pakistani military to take ownership of Americas war. -NABEEL ZUBERI, Lahore, September 2.