Another unfortunate month passed with a lot of menace unleashed upon Pakistan. Millions sitting on the debris of their destroyed lives now need to curse Anaidia, the goddess of ruthlessness. They need mercy from Eleos, the spirit of mercy in the Greek mythology. After watching the destruction and misery, I wonder if Eleos would ever pay us a visit. We need to realize this and stand up against ruthlessness and flint-hearted cruelty of Anaideia. If we didnt get up on our feet now, new catastrophes would come knocking on our doors next. We need to stand for our homeland and the humans that live with us here so that they can rebuild their lives again. Anaidia, for those of you who dont know, was the spirit of ruthlessness, shamelessness and unforgiveness. She was a companion of Hybris (violence). Her opposite number was Eleos (Mercy). -SAIMA NASEEM BABAR, Lahore, September 2.