The floods have murdered hundreds of poor Pakistanis and destroyed their means of living. The media is flooding the country with the destruction news. Thanks to the media, almost every Pakistani has full information about the devastation. Even the pets which keep watching the television in the company of their masters know what the floods have done. Of course, we have been unable to restrain the floods from inflicting the destruction which they have inflicted. But lets be patient. The floods must have their fill. They would voluntarily depart when they have had their fill. Of course, they would come back when they again feel hungry. But, unfortunately, we cant have a foreknowledge of their next invasion. Unfortunately, we have not done for all the affectees what we ought to have done. We ought to have carried every single affectee to a safe haven. But we did not. No wonder, hundreds of affectees lost their lives which could have been easily saved. Of course, every natural disaster has its own quota of destruction. But it is every governments moral obligation to do everything possible to save every citizen. If the government does everything possible and yet the results are not satisfactory, it cant be accused of being irresponsible. What is vital is a full-blooded war with the floods. The results are in destinys hand. Have we used all our resources for fighting the floods? The masses are absolutely sceptical. Had we used all our resources, we would have crippled the floods. Why we did not use all our resources? No inquiry commission can discover the mystery. The mystery would reveal itself on the Day of Judgement. The bulk of our national wealth is owned by a handful of Pakistanis. Consequently, the entire national poverty is owned by the masses. When the wealthy Pakistanis are asked how they got their wealth, they firmly assert: We did not get our wealth by unfair means. It is all Natures gift. Nature has flooded us with wealth as it has flooded the masses with poverty. Thus, there are two kinds of floods in Pakistan: wealth-floods and poverty-floods. The world maps show that there is only one Pakistan. The maps are misinformers. Actually, there are numerous Pakistans. The wealthy Pakistanis have got their own Pakistan abroad. These Pakistans are their real Pakistans. They use the Quaids Pakistan as a temporary resort just for fun and recreation. The current flood-devastation is just one single tragedy. We have had various sorts of tragedies in the past. We have had floods in the past. We have had horrific earthquakes in the past. And more tragic than all these tragedies was the tragedy of the splitting of Pakistan into two by India. And even more tragic than the splitting tragedy is the tragedy that no tragedy has been able to reform our national character. Our national character has always been what it has always been. No wonder, for all sorts of tragedies Pakistan is a very delicious prey. We can solve our national problems only by changing our national character. But our national character has an extremely stubborn will of its own. All the current and past tragedies have so far miserably failed to change it. All Pakistanis, rich or poor, drink water. But sometimes water hates to be drunk. It gets furious. It resolves to take revenge. For this purpose, it assumes the form of flood-water. Since the rich Pakistanis are beyond its reach, it drinks and drinks the poor Pakistanis. When its thirst is satisfied, it sheds its flood form and resumes its normal form. Imagine the bad luck of the poor Pakistanis who have been drunk by the current flood-water. Lets pray that the current flood-waters thirst is soon satisfied and it stops drinking the poor Pakistanis. The floods have murdered hundreds of poor Pakistanis. Some Pakistanis have vowed to out-class the floods murdering other Pakistanis up and down the country. It is murdering and murdering all the way from our mountainous regions to Karachi. Thus, a murdering competition is going on between the floods and the Pakistanis. If the Pakistanis keep their murdering spree at the present pace, they would soon win the competition. One cant help asking: Which is more barbaric: the floods murdering human beings or human beings murdering human beings? If you know the answer, please dont make it public. Just murder it. The writer is an academic. If religious extremists have done it Almost thirty people were killed and more than 250 injured in two suicide blasts at the mourning procession in Lahore held in connection with death anniversary of Hazrat Ali (R.A). It is truly heart-wrenching to see that religious extremists have the temerity to wreak havoc even when one-fifth of the countrys total population is affected by floods. The Concerned Citizens Society of Pakistan (CCP) strongly condemns the horrific incidents and demands efforts by the entire civil society for preaching the value of peace. This incident has once again highlighted the importance of reforms in educational curriculum so that the text books are purged of hatred against differing faiths and sects. It has become all the more necessary now to reform the religious seminaries where students are taught to kill people professing faith other than their own. Despite some serious efforts during recent years, the provocative and vituperative sermons are readily available in the form of CDs. The government authorities must re-prioritize their agenda and ensure security of life and property of the citizens. The CCP urges law-enforcement personnel to provide fool-proof security arrangements at public places. -NAUMAN ASGHAR, Lahore, September 2.