I applied for a wi-fi support at my houseto PTCL, following their numerous advertisements, about three months back. As per ad of the PTCL I was told that the facility will be provided within a week. A week passed nothing transpired. I reminded PTCL about the delay, I was told that my complaint had been noted. How nice of PTCL to have noted my complaint. Now during this long phase of three months and various promises nothing has been provided to me. I was under the impression that PTCL was the only department which was putting up a relatively better show. Now it seems like all other departments this department is also on the decline and its performance isgoing downhill with every passing day. I am sure if I have the approach of someone influential in the PTCL, immediately a modem will be produced by a jinn and the device will be installed at my place in no time. Thank you PTCL, you are great. MAXIM Cartoonist, Lahore, September 2.