Indian social activist Anna Hazare, in his first public speech after recovering from an almost two-week fast, said the recent anti-graft campaign against the government is just the beginning of a long and hard struggle. Anna Hazare, Anti-graft Activist, said, "It has become a matter of concern to what will be this country's future with such cunning liars in the government. They speak so many lies, what would be the country's future? I make this appeal to the people that this is just the beginning of a second freedom fight for the country. We still have a long way to go. Don't let the fire of this movement die down." Hazare went on a hunger strike this month demanding that a proposed anti-corruption agency should have the power to investigate the prime minister, judges and civil servants. After initially arresting Hazare and dismissing him as an anarchist, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government backed down and promised to examine his proposals.