Karachi called little Pakistan is on fire with killing of innocent citizens every day. We must remember that we are all brothers, one people, one nation and only Pakistanis. Anyone falling victim to vandalism, premeditated murder or target killing must be brought to justice. The root cause of this carnage is lust for power. The ruling junta and its coalition partners are the key players in this carnage. PPP has gradually converted itself into a parochial party in Sind, losing its national character. Sindh card has been over played, where millions of families are living as bonded labor of the feudal lords. Amelioration of poverty is never on their cards. MQM is also the major participant in this carnage. They call themselves Muhajirs, but no one has forgotten their extortion rackets or torture cells and killing of dissidents. ANP is another participant, getting dictation from India, be it on Kalabagh Dam Project or naming the province for promoting parochialism or observing Pakistan independence day on 15 Aug in line with India. They stand for disintegrating Pakistan. All this is the price country has to pay for supporting Zardari, whose rule is equally harmful for national unity. HADI IQBAL HUSSAIN, Lahore, August 30.