That the state of affairs in PIA for the past so many months, indeed years, has been going from bad to worse can be seen from its latest failure to bring back 394 passengers mostly pilgrims who had gone for Umra to Saudi Arabia back to Pakistan in time. These hapless passengers were stranded for almost a week and consequently deprived of the opportunity to celebrate Eid with their loved ones at home. It is a crying shame that these passengers were left to fend for themselves; their problems increased because most of them had run out of cash. Also their complaint that travel agents had sold inappropriate packages to make a quick buck should be heard. Their misery finally came to an end on Friday when they were brought back on special planes. At the same time, domestic passengers also had to face a lot of hassle as lot of PIA flights from Lahore were cancelled. This delay only speaks volumes about the criminal negligence of the management entrusted with the job of running the national flag carrier. It appears the PIA can neither operate its flights according to schedule nor cares the least about its clients. The government ought to take action and not only against those responsible for this inordinate delay but also revamp the entire institution, bringing in upright personnel, who can run it efficiently and restore its past glory.