Cries, mourning, wails, cursing and tears for the sudden loss of loved ones are prevalent for the last many decades and since my childhood in Karachi but there is no corrective measurement from any quarter. Every quarter in Sindh has its own vested interests thus the province of Sindh is the most fragile and vulnerable province due to exploitations and mismanagement in Pakistan. Chopped, beheaded, bullet ridden, tortured, drilled and mutilated corpses of our youth whom we cradled in the childhood, lulled, enjoyed their innocent tricks and the childish babbles are being recovered in gunny bags. A major political party in the city is the pioneer of such style of torture in the Pakistani politics and paved the way for the other parties whether political or sectarian to follow. What this party has been sowing for the Urdu-speaking people; Urdu-speaking people of Karachi are reaping whether they support this party or not. Its ethnic politics has alienated the dwellers of Karachi in Sindh and has maligned them in Pakistan. Even today whenever some untoward situation arises in Karachi; this party shun its ethnic identity; it takes refuge in the word of Mohajir. The politics of this party are based on confrontation, tussle, blackmailing, exploitation, political intolerance, ethnicity and dead bodies of innocent people and consequent crocodiles tears. Since their inception this party has not rendered any service to the Urdu-speaking people community whom it wrongfully tries to own. Organized extortion at mass level was introduced in the history of Pakistan by this party in Karachi and it used all heinous ways to collect it. Recently as usual along with the monthly extortions from the houses and shops in my native area of Karachi despite long claims by members of this party; we have received the receipts for the Fitranah Eid ul Fitar which is solely the right of the poor people to celebrate Eid and which cannot be rendered paid until and unless it is paid to the deserving. Like this party, it is a pity that leader of ANP has also fled from the country and hosted himself in Dubai. Can Mr Asfandyar give the account on which he is affording the living cost in Dubai? What is his source of income to live a luxurious life there? Is he a landlord of some well-to-do country or owns wells of oil like Arabic Sheikh? In such a gory situation the terrorized people of Karachi cannot stand against the three bloodsuckers, devils and vampires (MQM, PPP and ANP, not necessarily in order) who have held the city and its institutions hostage; for many decades. The repercussion of such adventure of opposing any of them in their captured areas is simply death. I request the Karachiites to keep watch on their male members lest they are involved in terrorist activities and their elders do not know. Urdu-speaking people of Karachi who are being marginalized due to the ethnic foundations and politics of MQM, by Pashtoon nationalist party (ANP) and Sindhi nationalist party (PPP); must bridle or collar their ethnic leaders or reconsider their political choice for their own interests (or vested interests) and should opt for a political party which could include them into national stream without ethnic prejudice otherwise their survival and existence among these savages will be in jeopardy. ABDUL ALEEM HAIDER, Rawalpindi, August 26.