ISLAMABAD - A local court in Islamabad Sunday sent a prayer leader, who allegedly helped wangle a blasphemy case against a Christine girl, to Adiala jail on 14 days judicial remand.The cleric was arrested Saturday on accusations that to “make the case strong”, he added some pages containing Quranic verses to the partially bunt papers he was handed as an “evidence of blasphemy” committed by Christian teenager Rimsha Masih.Police produced cleric Khalid Jadoon before court of special magistrate Nasr Minallah in the morning. Eyewitness Hafiz Muhammad Zubair told the magistrate that Ammad, the complainant in blasphemy case, handed over the ashes (and partly burnt pages) to the Imam Masjid Khalid Jadoon, who added more pages to it.He said Khalid put some pages with verses from the Holy Quran in the ashes believably to make the case strong against the girl. “I myself along with two Aitekaf observers witnessed him (Khalid) putting pages of Quran into the ashes and they protested against this brazen act of forging the evidence against the poor girl,” said Zubair.The court sent Khalid to jail on 14-day judicial remand and directed the police to produce him before the same court on September 16. Talking to journalists outside the courtroom cleric Khalid denied the accusation and said that he had not fabricated the evidences. He said that the administration was hatching a conspiracy against him.Rimsha is currently languishing in jail. Her family believed she will be released on bail on Monday. Rimsha’s lawyer told TheNation that the medical report declared Rimsha as an underage person with low IQ and ruled out possibility of committing blasphemy intentionally. A medical report earlier this week stated that Rimsha appeared to be around 14 years old. The report also said that her mental age was below her true age. The court is expected to decide on Monday whether to accept this assessment.