LAHORE - Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Lahore has recommended Pakistan government to make legislation regarding private construction in the airport vicinity. The authority says it should be allowed only after consultation with the CAA authorities, said sources in CAA on Sunday.They said that Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) Lahore is notorious about bird hit incidents across the country because from the year 2002 to 2008, as much as 85 bird hits were reported here. But they said there was some improvement in this regard. Though numbers of incidents have not decreased over last four years but, given that air traffic has been increased up to six times during this time, there is decrease in the ratio of bird hits to number of planes, the official said.An officer of CAA seeking anonymity said that five years back if 360 flights were operating from and to Lahore a month, now this number has increased to around 1,800 flights but the bird hit incidents have not seen a proportional increase.However, he said that human population around the airport over the above said period has also increased which could have resulted in increase in bird hits but luckily it has not. He said that awareness against bird hit incidents played major role in migration of birds from the airport surroundings. But more needs to done, he added.A seminar to review ‘Bird Control and Reduction Measures at AIIAP for Safe Aircraft Operation’ was also held at Lahore airport a week ago and it was attended by good number of officials belonging to the departments concerned.A bird-hit incident causes a loss of $40,000 at average to an airline. An officer was of the view that due to increase in bird-hit incidents all over the world, aviation industry had suffered huge losses in terms of money and life, apart from other miseries. Two hundred people have been killed and 84 planes including 19 civil and 65 military aircraft crashed since 1912 due to bird-hit incidents across the world, said an officer of CAA.Lahore Airport, due to its conducive environment, encounters heavy bird activity particularly in rainy season. Mushroom growth of unplanned localities, devoid of proper drainage and sewerage system, improper disposal of garbage, emergence of new restaurants,tall shady tree, cattle yards ,fish and other ponds around Lahore Airport provide all the three basic needs of birds i.e. resting, nesting and feeding. This state of affairs warrants intensive and joint coordinated efforts to effectively combat bird menace.Sources in CAA said that though it is unadvisable to allow population within 13 kilometer around the airport but CAA has no authority to stop anyone from construction. Though our national laws prohibit any activity that attracts birds within 13km around an aerodrome but these are not properly enforced, an official said.The factors creating attraction for the birds in the surroundings of the airport included, ploughing fields, fish farm, cattle yards, thick tall trees, vegetation, improper garbage disposal, inadequate sewerage facilities, marriage lawns, golf course and restaurants in adjacent localities (Defence, Gulberg, Fortress Stadium, Qurban Lines). Also, in other farther areas of the city there is a lot of attraction for the birds including slaughter houses, garbage dumps, tall trees for resting and nesting of birds, water ponds, stagnant water and poultry farms.The official said that CAA was taking measures to end the activity of the birds around the airport and for that purpose CAA has hired bird shooters to kill them and scaring them by crackers, scare crows, regular patrolling of vehicle on runways, baiting (in the peak bird season) and de-nesting.He also pointed out the major reasons for the presence of birds in the city including thick tall trees in the Lawrence Garden situated 6 Km west of airfield, Lahore Zoo, Shalimar Gardens, Race Course Park, Slaughter House, poultry market (2-8 Km west of airfield).