LAHORE - At a time when the government reiterates day in and day out that the elections will be held on time, PML-Functional chief Pir Pagara, an ally of the PPP, said on Sunday he was not seeing the polls taking place.He said this after a meeting with former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani here.Pir Pagara, who is on his first visit to the Punjab metropolis after being crowned following the death of his father, said it was the right of all political parties to prepare themselves for the polls. But, he said, elections were nowhere in sight.About maintaining political alliance with the PPP, he said, a decision about it would be taken keeping in view the objective conditions.  He said his party’s alliance with the PPP had been forged by his late father, but he would decide on retaining it if the situation so required.Gilani said President Zardari wanted the PPP to contest elections in cooperation with its allies. He said the PPP wanted free and fair elections as only such polls suited the party. About the new prime minister writing the letter against the president, he said the communication could not be sent as long as Mr Zardari was the head of state.