ISLAMABAD  – A solo show of paintings on rural imagery was put on display here at gallery 6 by artist Ali Abbas featuring nomadic people and their life in an artistic manner.

The exhibition entitled “Wandering Colours” portrayed a reflection of images with the technique of realism that captured minor details in strong lines and floating images through play of colours for art lovers of twin cities. The artist is known as a visual anthropologist, who specialises in the life of people living on fringes.

The work on display is a manifestation of in-depth observation and research on nomads in Sindh, especially women and children, that the artist presents using his visual vocabulary of bright colours against tones of black and wide open spaces. The magnificent brush work explains the world of nomadic people as a philosopher narrating an experiential tale.

Ali Abbas dignifies the figures of nomadic people by art and shows Nomads as classical models, people who are proud of their origins and their own culture, live in their natural environments and giving example of an alternative way of understanding the relationship between human beings and nature.

The show will continue till September 14.