Karachi is bedeviled by rampant crime of all sorts and it is beyond comprehension why no one is trying to curb this lawlessness? The politics of reconciliation has proved to be a total disaster for the residents of Karachi as over 6000 people lost their lives in political and ethnic killings since 2008. I want to suggest a few steps which can curb these crimes. First and foremost, there must be a political will to call spade a spade and deal the perpetrators with an iron fist regardless of their political affiliations. Pakistan is not short of upright, competent police officers; the problem lies in interfering in the affairs of the police department for personal motives. If a free hand is given to the police, I am quite positive that the situation can improve considerably.

CCTV camera’s can help in prevention and detection of crimes. The city should be monitored 24/7. The government can and must generate funds for installation of cameras through public-private partnership. The civil society will definitely help the government if they have the will to improve the city’s affairs. Effective use of mobile phone locators can help track and hunt criminals. Since witnesses remain reluctant to come forward because of fear, a witness protection program can be provided. I hope and pray that someone at the helm takes effective measures to reduce if not bring an end to the crimes prevailing in Karachi.


Karachi, August 30