KARACHI – The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) Managing Director has stressed the need to form a commission for maintaining tariff of water across the country. The commission should work on the similar guidelines as NEPRA work for energy tariffs and OGRA for petroleum products.In a statement, he said that water supply institutions should be given the rights to formulate the supp1y expenses and send their summaries to the government regulatory authority. The authority should be responsible for maintaining the tariff as OGRA maintains and regulates the tariff for petroleum products. He said that Secretary Treasurer Department Government of Pakistan should release a notification for the formation of this commission.However, he said that Karachi Water & Sewerage Board is largest entity in Pakistan responsible for provision of water supply to citizens of Karachi from reservoirs situated about 200kms away from the city. He said that water board is fulfilling this duty in three pumping phases including filtration and chlorination of water for purification. In addition, KWSB is the only institution performing chlorination, which is indeed an expensive process. KWSB tariff comprise the minimal rates to provide relief to the citizens of Karachi. He said that constant raise in the petroleum prices,  and pay of KWSB employees make it impossible operate with current tariff. Therefore, there is an inevitable need for the government to form a regulatory authority, which would be responsible to formulate new tariff for water board so that we can ensure smooth operations to serve citizens of Karachi.