A RETIRED couple has discovered a medieval well underneath their home.

Colin Steer had noticed a strange bump in the floor of his and wife Vanessa’s living room soon after moving into the Victorian property in Plymouth over 25 years ago.

However, his wife told him to ignore the issue at the time, and it remained unexplored until recently.

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“I was replacing the joists in the floor when I noticed a slight depression - it appeared to be filled in with the foundations of the house,” he said.

“I dug down about one foot but my wife just wanted me to cover it back up because we had three children running around at the time.

“I always wanted to dig it out to see if I could find a pot of gold at the bottom, so when I retired at the end of last year that’s what I started to do.”

The former civil servant started digging down with a friend, to find a 30-inch wide well, while using a bucket on a rope to pull up any pieces of debris.

Colin soon found an old sword down the well, and has now placed lighting and a trap door around the well.                 –Metro