LAHORE – PML-N President and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan should review its policy about the war on terror in the light of the resolutions of parliament and recommendations of the all parties conference.In an interview to Nawa-i-Waqt on Sunday, he said the situation in Pakistan was not satisfactory even before 9/11. Some people, he said, linked the situation to Afghan war. Sectarianism also had its toll, as a result of which militant organisations came into being. The situation slipped out of control as a result of the policy decided by then president Pervez Musharraf after 9/11, said the PML-N chief.Answering a question, he said the Balochistan issue could be addressed by holding talks with the genuine leadership there.He said his party had already started consultations with other parties for the formation of an interim government. As for speculations that a hung parliament would come into being as a result of fresh elections, the former prime minister said this was just wishful thinking of some people. He said people would elect those who had a record of public service.Fair and impartial elections, free from the influence of agencies, were indispensable to set the situation right, said Sharif.He defended his party’s participation in the 2008 elections, saying it was because of the PML’s presence in parliament that president’s powers were trimmed through the 17th Amendment, limits of provincial autonomy were extended, and the NRO could not be approved. Also, he said it was because of the PML-N that Gen Musharraf could not get his policies and decisions ratified from parliament. Had the PML-N not been there, all this was possible to happen, he said.Answering a question about the system of proportional representation in elections, the PML-N president said the existing system of ‘one man one vote’ suited the country and should be continued. People, he said, should not be made to face an unknown system.About energy crisis, he said it had pushed the country to the verge of destruction. He said in 1999, when the PML-N government was overthrown, Pakistan had surplus power and India wanted to purchase the same. He alleged that Musharraf did not pay attention to the growing needs of energy and then stopped payments to IPPs in 2007 to use the money in elections. This created the circular debt problem for the new government. Then, he said, it was unfortunate that the PPP government also failed to come up with appropriate policy and relied more on rental power. He said the apex court had pointed out corruption in these projects. About the Kalabagh Dam project, he said KPK and Sindh governments had reservations about it and their opinions remained unchanged even today. He said the utility of the project was acknowledged, but the unity of the country was more important. Alternative energy resources could be tapped to overcome the crisis, he said.He said the government should implement the court decisions for the sake of good governance, stability of democracy and rule of law. He regretted that judges were being ridiculed under a well-thought-out plan.Answering a question about his soft attitude towards India and proposal for soft visa policy despite the fact that the Kashmir dispute remains unsettled, he said in the present-day world countries were getting closer for their economic interests in spite of their outstanding disputes. He cited the examples of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.Nawaz said when ties with India improved, pressure would develop for the solution of all problems, including Kashmir.In response to a question, he said the PML-N was getting closer to nationalist parties in Sindh and Balochistan.He said his party had also reached an agreement with the PML-Likeminded. He said his party’s doors were also open for other PML factions.