LAKKI MARWAT - A prominent PML leader and chief of Khoidadkhel Haji Zainuddin Khan has called for setting up an honest and impartial interim setup under the supervision of army and judiciary to root out unchecked corruption, carry out accountability and then hold free and fair elections in the country.

He said during a press conference at his residence on Sunday that politicians plundered the resources of country with both hands but they failed to establish a welfare state and resolve the problems of people. “Only by enforcing Sharia we can get rid of corrupt politicians and steer the country out of crises”, he said. He said that the interim government should hold accountable all corrupt people including politicians and should bar those from contesting elections found guilty of corruption and wrongdoings.

Flanked by former councilor Iqbal Khan, Sanaullah Khan Saeedkhel and Ameer Nawaz Khan Saeedkhel the PML leader strongly criticised MPAs and MNA from the district and held them responsible for backwardness, announcing that he would try his lot as a candidate from a provincial assembly constituency in the next general elections.

Describing the problems of area people he regretted that government city hospital presented a ghost look, as doctors did not perform duty in it. He said that the patients had no option other than to avail treatment facilities at private clinics and health facilities or go to the hospitals in big cities like Bannu and Peshawar.

Besides the area politicians did not fulfill the promise of setting up a grid station in Lakki city so far”, he maintained, saying that residents of the entire district especially inhabitants of Lakki city are faced with the problems of load shedding and low voltage since last several years.

He told that electricity related problems had added to the miseries of locals and badly affected the business activities in the urban locality.

Zainuddin said that heaps of garbage and clogged sewerage drains were posing a serious threat to human health in Lakki city. “The dumps of dirt and scattered filth in the city streets and lanes have become breeding centres of mosquitoes fearing that the poor cleanliness condition may cause spread of malarias, dengue and other diseases”, he maintained.

He also demanded of the government and higher authorities concerned to retrieve lands and properties of tehsil municipal administration Lakki from qabza groups. “Lands and properties owned by the municipal body are in the illegal occupation and the government should get them vacated forthwith”, he added.

He added that on people’s insistence he had decided to jump into polls arena to safeguards the rights of residents of the district by ridding them from corrupt and tyrant politicians.

Lakki village gets power transformer

On the request of Saifullah brothers the quarters concerned of Pesco installed a 200kv transformer in Baistkhel village to rid the residents from electricity related problems.

Elders including Haji Rauf Khan, Sifatullah Khan, Mir Aslam, Hayatullah and Rab Nawaz Khan said on Sunday that the villagers got repaired 100kv transformer several times on self-help basis as they confronted with power problems since the last several months. “But the 100kv transformer was unable to bear the electricity consumption load of nearly 400 houses”, they said.

“The matter was brought into the notice of MPA Anwar Saifullah Khan through his coordinator Ameer Mashal Khan who issued on spot instructions to the relevant quarters to upgrade 100kv transformer into 200kv”, they maintained.

They hoped that MPA Anwar Saifullah Khan would also provide an additional 100kv and two 50kv power transformers to the village. They also requested Saifullah to use his influence for completion of work on the project of constructing building of recently upgraded government girl’s middle school to high level.