ISLAMABAD  - Visas have been stamped on the passports of over 50,000 people intending to perform Haj under the government scheme this year, said an official of Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Talking to APP he said, the Haj flight booking of government scheme hujjaj would begin from Monday (Sep 3) and the whole process will be completed within one week. And first flight would leave for Saudi Arabia on Sep 19.

The visas of Private Haj Organisers would also be issued on Monday to enable them to finalise the arrangements of private scheme hujjaj.

This year the direct flights for Madina Munawwara would be less as comparing to the past. This year wearing Abaya having sign of Pakistan flag has been made mandatory for Pakistani women. Every Haji will be allowed to carry 30kg weight with him. Whereas every haji will have to carry 7kg weight with him. Every haji could bring back a 10 litres Aab-e-Zam Zam with him without paying any extra charges. 

He said a total of 20 dispensaries and one hospital will provide medical facilities to Pakistani hujjaj round the clock during hajj 2012.

Pakistan hajj mission has hired the services of 365 air conditioner coaches and 60 mini buses to provide transport facilities to Pakistani hujjaj round the clock. 

The residences of hujjaj have been divided into 10 sectors for better management and providing prompt facilities. In each adequate medical facilities have been ensured for hujjaj. The dispensaries in each sector will work round the clock.

Residences have been hired on cheaper rates as comparing to Turkey and Malaysia.