RAWALPINDI - City police on Sunday arrested 18 outlaws and recovered drugs, weapons, bottle of liquor from their possession.

According to police spokesman, Ganjmandi Police held Nadeem and recovered 1050 gram charas from his possession while Rata Amral police arrested Zahir Mehmood and recovered 1050 gram charas from him. Pirwadhi police nabbed Amjad and recovered 115 grams charas. Saddar Circle police recovered 240 grams charas from Murtaza. Gujar Khan police held Sikander and recovered 120 grams charas. Murree Police arrested Obaid and recovered 110 grams charas from him. Waris Khan police held Pervez and recovered 110 litres liquor. Rawat police held Riaz and recovered 150 bottle of liquor from his custody. Mandra Police arrested Zafar and recovered a pistol 30 bore beside 3 round.

Jatli police held four gamblersied Israr, Asim,Wajid and Amjid and recovered Rs 8280 bet money from their possession. Police have registered cases against the accused and started investigation.