TANK - Tank police claimed to have arrested five criminals and recovered arms during raids in different areas of Tank on Sunday.

According to police, a police party headed by the Sadar Police Station SHO Kosar Khan carried out raid in village Toran, 5 kilometers south from here and arrested Mushtaq s/o Allah Divaya. Mushtaq was wanted to police in the case of petrol smuggling. He is accused to have stolen petrol worth 3.5 million from DIKhan bypass some time back.

In another action in Tank city police arrested one Arghamanullah commonly known as Waqas Katikheil. The arrested accused was wanted by Tank police in the different cases of street crimes and burglaries.

Yet in a another raid in village Kirri Saidal police arrested one proclaimed offender Attaullah, while in village Toran another proclaimed offender Noor Khan was arrested and a Klashankofe and a Chine rifle was recovered from his possession. In another action, acting on a tip off police raided a house in village Gola Korai and arrested a proclaimed offended Muhammad Jan besides seizing arms from the house.

All the arrested persons were jailed in Sadar Police Station and separate cases under relevant sections of law were registered against them.