HAFIZABAD - The Jalalpur Bhattian, City, Vanike Tarar and Saddr police, during over night crackdown on drug peddlers, nabbed more than 50 notorious drug peddlers and smashed four prostitution dens in the city. The police arrested Hamaira, Nazia, Saba, Uzma and seven girls and 12 men while merrymaking.

On the other hand, the arrest of so many drug peddlers belied the police claims that the area had been purged of narcotic sellers. Most of the peddlers were dealing in this illicit trade since long with the patronage of mafia including some police bigwigs.

After the visit of special team of the IGP led by Riaz Cheema to ascertain the allegations whether the police was patronizing the drug mafia or otherwise and recorded the evidence of so many people for and against the police and presented his report to the IG. DPO Waqas Nazir has ordered special merciless crackdown which resulted in the arrest of so many peddlers and arrest of four notorious owners of prostitute dens which had been pointed out to the police several times in the past.