LAHORE – The LHC has granted a stay against the results of Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) elections on the allegations of manipulation by the ruling Awaz Group. The writ was filed by the Founders Group, requesting the court to declare elections illegal, as the majority of voters were not allowed to participate in the polls.

It is to be noted that Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) had refused membership to the millers hailing from Balochistan to manipulate elections.

The Awaz Group, which has won the 2011-12 elections of the PFMA and is presently ruling the Association, tried its best to keep members of the largest province by area, out of polls.

The PFMA elections for 2012-13 is important for Balochistan, as the turn for next central chairman is now from this province and the ruling group is using tactics to keep the members of rival groups out of polls to ensure the victory.

Interestingly, the election commission constituted by the PFMA currently ruling Awaz Group, stopped those noted millers from casting votes, who have been central chairman twice.

Abdul Ali Kakar, the owner of Iqra Flour Mills in Balochistan, said that he has remained the central chairman of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association, but he is being ignored and refused membership. He said that election commission has issued the list of just 25 members from Balochistan while the real numbers are over 52, which are currently operating their mills in the province. He said election commission is supporting the ruling group and refusing rest of 27 millers of membership belonging to the Founder Group, as they cannot win the slot of provincial chairmanship. Resultantly, they will lose the slot of central chairman of the Association.

He said that 27 mills which are letting not to cast vote, are the top flour mills of the province but unfortunately they belong to Founder Group. For example, Haji Sarwar, M/s Farooq Flour Mills in Quetta, has been the central chairman twice but he was not given membership. Haji Khawaj Muhammad, the owner of Adil Flour Mills, has also been two-time central chairman but he was also barred from casting vote. Fateh Muhammad Agha of National Flour Mills has been central chairman of the PFMA but his membership was also rejected by the biased election commission.

He said that all 27 members, whose voting power is being denied, has approached the centre and pleaded to get the power of casting vote, but no one is listening to them, as they are all partial. He said that Punjab provincial office, which is also working as a central office too has become total partial and is openly supporting the members of Awaz Group.

The former PFMA central chairman vowed that all members will fight against the monopoly of Punjab.