KARACHI - Anti-Extremist Cell of the Crime Investigation Department Sunday claim to have arrested six men during two separate raids. According to AEC officials, in the first raid, the two men, namely Sajid aka Danger and Arif Rizvi were apprehended during a raid conducted at Landhi area. AEC chief SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan said that the suspect belonging to the political party were apprehended on a tip-off, adding that they were involved in more than 50 cases of target killings. In another raid conducted in Jackson area, AEC police arrested four men, namely Syed Iqbal, Younus aka Anees, Amir aka Baba and Sabir Gul. Police officials said that the suspects belonged to the gangster group and were involved in over 30 cases of target killings, kidnapping for ransom and extortion activities. AEC officials also claim to have recovered two hand grenades, two kalashnikovs and six pistols from their possession while the cases against them were also registered. Sir Syed police also claim to have arrested two men allegedly involved in the extortion activities. The suspects were identified as Ramzan and Yaqoob along with weapons. Police officials said that the suspects belong to the political party and were involved in various cases of extortion.