LAKKI MARWAT - Frontier Region Lakki, Assistant Political Agent, Muhammad Fayyaz Khan Sherpao has called upon the tribal elders and clerics to extend all out support to polio teams in ensuring immunisation of targeted population against polio.  

During a visit to the tribal area on Sunday the APA met tribal chiefs and religious scholars and discussed with them efforts the political administration had initiated to wipe out the crippling disease from the tribal region completely.    

Agency surgeon Dr Mashal Khan and NRDF coordinator Maulana Asghar Ali also accompanied him on the occasion.

They briefed the political administration’s official about the achievement of targets and meetings with tribal maliks and clerics to seek their support in making the anti polio drive a success. 

Fayyaz said that there was complete peace in the frontier tribal region and polio teams would not face any obstacles in performing their assigned duty. “The administration will ensure providing security to the health workers and supervisory staff during the polio eradication campaigns”, he maintained.

He called upon the tribal elders and religious scholars and prayers leaders to educate tribesmen about the usefulness of oral polio vaccine and hazardous affected of the disease on children’ health.