ISLAMABAD - All federal government schools and colleges are being reopened from Wednesday (today) except those where police officials are staying.
Over 422 schools and colleges were scheduled to be opened on August 11 after summer vacations but due to ongoing anti-government protests the vacation were extended four times. Apart from security concerns, the police personnel were staying in about 60 schools and it compelled the education managers to keep the schools closed. The schools were being used for hosting police personnel who were called in from different parts of the country to manage security situation in the federal capital .
Most of the schools have been vacated but some 27 are still occupied by the policemen that will remain closed. The schools that would remain closed include Islamabad Model School for Boys (IMSB), I-10/2, Street 13, IMCB, I-10/1, Street 17, Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG), F-10/2, Islamabad College for Women, F-10/3, IMCG, G-9/2, IMCB, G-9/4, IMCB, G-9/4, IMCB, G-9/2, IMCG, G-9/3, ICG, F-6/2, IMCG, F-6/2, IMCB, PM Staff Colony, IMCB, F-7/3, IMCG (PG), F-7/3, IMCB, F-8/4, IMSB, F-8/3, IMCG, G-6/4, IMCG, G-6/1-3, IMCB, F-11/3, IMCB, G-10/4, IMCB, G-10/3, and IMCB, H-9.