RAWALPINDI - Unknown armed bandits and auto-theft gangs on Tuesday deprived several citizens of cash, gold, mobile phones, 5 cars and 5 motorcycles.
According to sources, the worst hit areas were of Sadiqabad where armed dacoits snatched a taxi from a citizen on gunpoint and car lifters picked away three motorcycles.
The police filed cases but so far could not arrest even a single culprit or recover booty, the sources added.
According to details, a gang of robbers stormed into the house of one Khalid Mehmood within the limits of police station Pirwadhai and made off with 3 tolas of gold ornaments and Rs 50,000 cash.  In New Town area, some armed dacoits intercepted a citizen Jahangir Ahmed and snatched a mobile phone and cash from him on gunpoint. Similarly, a gang of unknown dacoits stopped a taxi driver Manzoor in Sadiqabad area and snatched his cab (LHR-6132) on gunpoint. The auto-theft gangs also remained operative in various parts of the city by stealing 4 cars (ACW-829, AXK-5190, PO-131, LXL-58) from the precincts of police stations Cantt, Westridge, Banni and Civil Lines while pilfering 5 motorcycles (RIC-8855, TU-801, CL-94, RIP-1516, AG-9780) from Sadiqabad, Race Course and Ratta Amral areas. The police have filed the cases and started investigation.