I believe it is high time the general public came out on the streets for their rights, as they are doing. The ruling elite has been exploiting the nation for the past six decades and still continues to do so. If these rulers are not ready to give the public their rights, then the people have to snatch their rights. Injustice has reached its limits. How long should we wait, how much more should we bear before we will decide that enough is enough? Regardless of the current political situation in the federal capital there is a serious discontent present in the public. If those at the helm do not understand this, then they are digging their own graves.

The rulers, intoxicated by power, do not realize that a discontented society is like a volcano which can erupt at any time and when it does no power or administrative machinery would be able to stop it. Have these rulers forgotten the fate of Louis XVI and the French Revolution? They still have time to mend their ways. After that, try as much as they can, they would not find any refuge from the wrath of the public. Last night they revealed their true face to the world. Shelling innocent people, including children and women! Is this acceptable in a civilized society? This is what you call democracy? We are better off without it.


Lahore, August 31.