All the public and private sector schools here have been closed in Indian shelling-hit Sialkot villages even after week-long lull on Sialkot Working Boundary.

The local people regretted that the schools were still closed in Joiyaan, Sucheetgarh, Charwah, Beeni, Sulehriyaan, Akhnoor, Behladpur, Wainse, Gunjiyaal, Gandiyal, Dhamala, Wada Dhamala, Harpal, Bajra Garhi, Morcha Pur, Anula, Dhaliyaan, Kotli Khawaja, Ludha Gung, Chumat, Jarwal, Theekariyaal, Sojan, Sakroori and Shahpur.

They said that the students would face difficulties due to long closure of the schools. The Indian Border Security Forces had badly shelled the local houses and buildings of several schools in these border villages, due to which the people are scared of sending their children to schools. The male and female teachers are also terrified of Indian shelling and they reluctant to join their schools, they said.

Some teachers said that they had gone to their schools, but there were no students due to which they returned. The local villagers said that they would send their children to their schools after several days till the situation returns to complete normalcy. They said that though there was a silence but the fears of restart of shelling by Indian BSF still lying present.

When contacted, education department officials said, “These schools would open after the situation returns to normalcy.” They added that everyone was waiting for the normalcy in the border villages.

The officials noted that there was a silence but feared that shelling by Indian BSF might start any time. Therefore, no one is ready to send their children to schools and even the teachers are reluctant to join their schools.

HEAVY RAIN TURNS WEATHER PLEASANT: For the second consecutive day, the Sialkot region on Tuesday received heavy rain which made the muggy weather pleasant and the people enjoyed themselves with it.

Heavy rain began early Tuesday morning and remained continued the whole day intermittently. Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur cities remained inundated, badly paralysing all the civic, business, trade and social activities. It remained cloudy with the loud thunder of the clouds. The rain also inundated the low-lying urban and rural areas. The people came out on the roads and the streets.

The people enjoyed the pleasant weather after the heavy rain in Sialkot region. The winds continuously blew making the weather much pleasant. The concerned officials of Sialkot MET office have forecast more wide-spread and heavy rains in the region and in all the catchment areas of neighbouring Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.