LAHORE  - PTI Punjab leaders along with dozens of activists held Azadi sit-in outside Governor’s House for the second consecutive day, besides continuing similar show at the Lalik Jan Chowk (Defence).
PTI Punjab General Secretary, Dr Yasmin Rashid led the Azadi sit-in in front of Governor House , while local leaders Mian Aslam Iqbal, Tariq Sana Bajwa, Shoaib Siddiqui alongwith dozens of party workers participated in the event.
They chanted slogans ‘Go Nawaz Go’ and demanded resignation of the Prime Minister and Punjab Chief Minister. They claimed that struggle under the banner of Azadi March would continue till achieving its targets come what may.
PTI activists also held Azadi sit-in at Lalik Jan Chowk for the 10th consecutive day. Flag waving followers of Imran Khan raised slogans in favour of their demands and danced to the tunes of party songs.
According to Dr Yasmin Rashid, PTI would start its Azadi sit-in at Liberty Chowk from Wednesday (today).