ISLAMABAD - Justifying the PTI protest, Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that their protest is not against Parliament or democracy but is against the rule of Sharif brothers.
Addressing a press conference here at National Press Club here on Tuesday, Rasheed said that PTI chief Imran Khan had never talked about derailing the democracy and their protest was peaceful and was targeting what he termed the unlawful and rigging-based mandate of Prime Minister Sharif.
Responding to a question about the serious allegations levelled against the PTI leadership by Javed Hashmi, he said that the issue was created just to distract the attention of people from the real issue of rigging and stealing of PTI's mandate by the rulers.
Refuting the claims of Javed Hashmi, he said he did not convey any message to Imran Khan. "Notwithstanding, it was really my wish to see PTI and PAT march together," he added.
Rasheed also said that the situation came to such an extent that even judiciary needed to come up with explanations. "Judiciary is being dragged in the political crisis", he stated.
He criticized the government for torturing media persons, dubbing Nawaz Sharif a biggest threat to electronic media.
To a question about the Chinese President visit to Pakistan, Sh. Rasheed said that like all Pakistanis they have great respect and regard for China and assured that on his arrival to Pakistan the protesters would remain peaceful and would accord befitting welcome to the head of state of Pakistan's brotherly neighbour.